By  Amar Singh


Mel Kiper Jr. Identifies Bryce Young As A "Key Concern"

Every top QB candidate ever selected by the NFL has been the subject of "concerns" at some point. Bryce Young, the quarterback for Alabama, is a typical athlete for ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr.

Kiper stated that Young's physical durability in the NFL is his "key worry" in a recent ESPN story. In the run-up to the draught, Kiper made it plain that he won't rate Young higher than QB2 unless Young gains some weight.

“Holding up physically is the key concern,” Kiper said, via On3 Sports. “You saw him injured this past year at Alabama. He only started two years, right? Backed up Mac Jones”.

“ The NFL’s a different entity. Quarterbacks go down, Adam covers it every week, and injuries to somebody. Holding up, definitely, I put the bar at 195. 195 or higher, for me, is QB1. Less than 195, he’s QB2.”

Bryce Young is far from the only QB with height reservations ahead of the NFL Draft. and it is unlikely to prevent Young either.

However, as Bryce Young matures, NFL teams should definitely keep the size problem in mind.

Kyler Murray, who is Young's best height equivalent, has suffered some fairly serious injuries over the past two seasons, which you can either blame on his stature or just poor luck.

Over the past couple of years, many players who are merely on the smaller end of the quarterback spectrum have also suffered a lot of injuries.

If Young is able to make his reads, pass the ball, and move both inside and outside the pocket, it should certainly be given priority while he is still developing.

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