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Best 5 Things That Stood Out In The Vikings’ Win Over The Packers

Best 5 things that stood out in the Vikings’ win over the Packers :- The Vikings beat the Packers 23-7 in Sunday’s season opener to level with the Chicago Bears to level NFC North 1-0. Here’s what stands out in the border war.

Win Over The Packers
Win Over The Packers

Win Over The Packers

1:- Don’t be afraid to be aggressive at 4th Down

If Kevin O’Connell had any questions about his style of football, he was answered on the opening drive of the game as Minnesota faced the Green Bay Five fourth and one and had no hesitation to go. This.

Result: 5-yard touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins ​​to Justin Jefferson.

Jefferson took three catches for 47 yards on the opening drive, and Minnesota threw the ball eight times in only two running plays.

It is worth noting that Minnesota was less aggressive in the fourth and two later in the first half, although kicking a field goal, which they did, made it a two-score game.

2:- Justin Jefferson sent a message to the NFL

Jefferson lit up the Packers with 184 yards and two touchdowns, and he was a toe away from having the third touchdown.

Jefferson’s 158 yards in the first half was a franchise record and his 184 yards was a career high. His catch and run of 64 yards in the second quarter was his 200th career reception in 34 career games. Only three players have reached 200 catches faster: Odell Beckham Jr. (30 games), Michael Thomas (32) and Jarvis Landry (33).

He’s off to a great start in his quest to become the best receiver in the NFL—and he had a message for the rest of the league during his postgame interview on Fox.

“Many people stopped doubting us,” he said. “We’re coming for it, for sure.”

3:- Aaron Rodgers clearly misses Davante Adams

In the past, DeVante Adams usually killed the Vikings the way Jefferson killed the Packers. But with Alan Lazard injured, Rodgers had to rely on veterans Randall Cobb and Sammy Watkins, and rookies Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs as his wide receivers.

Watson dropped a potential touchdown off a deep ball in the first game of the game. He and Dobbs took zero catches in the first half, while Cobb and Watkins combined for two catches and 10 yards.

It didn’t get much better in the second half as Rodgers’ wide receivers combined for just 11 catches and 95 yards, so over a third of those yards came on Rodgers’ final drive when the Vikings originally played the game to stop the defense. Were were

By the way, Adams made 10 catches for 141 yards and a touchdown in his debut with raiders.

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4:- Too early to start the Purple People Eater discussion?

Putting Zadarius Smith and Danielle Hunter at different positions along the offensive line proved difficult for Green Bay as the formidable pair had a sack and Smith looked like a man at times.

DJ Vonum and Jordan Hicks had the other two of Minnesota’s four sacks, forcing Hicks to strike Rodgers. According to ESPN, Hicks had 14 tackles, which is good for the third-most in the NFL so far in Week 1.

5:- Offensive Line Protected Cousin

It’s been several moons in Minnesota where fans could walk away from a game feeling pretty good about the offensive line, but this was the case because Cousins ​​was only dismissed once—and it was the second offensive possession of the game. It happened when Kenny Clarke basically danced around rookie Ed Ingram and crushed Cousin.

Go ahead and search Ingram’s name on Twitter and you’ll find tons of reactions to that sack, but there are also some gems that show off the positive plays he’s made.

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